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Lierre Naturals are natural products created by a female
pharmacist to help women navigate this thing called menopause and to get you back to living your best life!


"Dr. Dana Drops have been a "go to" natural method that I use to address sleeplessness, menopausal mood and hot flashes. "

Francis M

"After taking the product, I had more energy, lessened the frequency of flashes and it was very easy to administer proper daily dosage!! I would highly recommend!"


Dante H

"I am back to my old self. Loving life and ready to take on the world again. And as an added bonus, I am down 17 lbs. wooohooo! Buy Dr. Braxton's Lierre Naturals will not be disappointed."

Michelle  P

"Oh my gosh!!! You’ve got to try these drops!...They changed my life!! Thank you Lierre Naturals!!!"


Dr. Shelli

"The products provide natural relief to the emotional and physical symptoms of perimenopause. I feel amazing!"

Marla G.

Homemade Remedies

Our Mission

To improve the physical, mental, and spiritual health of its customers in a profound manner, while simultaneously addressing the financial and health disparities currently taking place in underserved communities here and abroad.

Our Story

Lierre Naturals was born out of a need for Dr. D to help her patients and friends who were suffering from the relentless symptoms of menopause and PMS. Unfortunately, there were very few natural, effective, and affordable solutions to offer her patients. So, Dr. D, as she is known to most people, spent years consulting with herbalists, pharmacists, and physicians across the globe to come up with a solution to this dilemma. Finally, in 2019, Dr. D created her first all-natural and organic product for menopause and PMS symptom relief.


Lierre Naturals products are designed to be holistic, all-natural, effective, and affordable remedies to the issues that millions of women  face every day. Thanks to the liquid drop delivery system, these products work quickly, ensuring patients can feel better faster. Combined with a healthy and balanced lifestyle, Dr. D wants Lierre Naturals products to help people live their best lives.

Our Story
Best Seller

"Lierre Naturals products have changed my life!! I am back to my old self. Loving life and ready to take on the world again.


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