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Herbal Medicine
  • Can I take the hormone and weight loss drops at the same time?
    Yes you can take them all together. When you start, I suggest you take them separately so you can see the difference of how each of them makes you feel.
  • Is this ok to take with Paroxetine and Wellbutrin?
    Yes. I have personally taken the drops with both those meds. i also have several patients who are on those or medicines of the same classification. But if you feel the need you can always check with your physician. As a side note, most patients eventually can remove their medicines and stick with drops. please note: I do not advocate you drop the medicines abruptly. Tapering is strongly advised!!! Hopefully that answered your question.
  • How long do you think it will take before I see results?
    Most women see results in a few days, especially if you follow ll the instructions. There are several supplemental videos to help you get the most out of your drops. You should look over them before starting the drops. Here is one of the videos.
  • What is the best time to take your liquid drops?
    Early morning on an empty stomach is the best time to take our herbal drops. After taking medication, you can immediately resume your normal diet. Note that if you are unable to take on an empty stomach, that is perfectly fine; but you may have to increase the dose (amount of liquid drops) to feel results.
  • I am a diabetic. Can I take these products with my diabetic medications? and will this product effect my diabetes.
    Yes you can take these products with the mediations you take for diabetes. No these products will not effect your diabetes. If you have concerns feel free to test your glucose levels more frequently. If you want more detail or if the meds change, feel free to contact me. I am always available through the website chat or email.
  • How long will I have to take this product for my hormones?
    How long you take this mixture will be entirely dependent upon how you feel. The majority of women take for a few months, feel their symptoms are controllable and then choose to stop taking the tinctures. Other women take the products for a longer time. I personally only take the drops when I feel my symptoms have returned (usually during cycle or when I eat or drink a trigger). I then take the drops for a few days and this usually brings me back to normal.
  • Can you tell me what are the ingredients in the drops? I dont see it on the site?
    The actual label is on the site for each of the products. The ingredients are on the site. If you don't see it I will send you a screen shot.
  • How long does a bottle typically last following the instructions?
    Usually 30 days if you follow the instructions. But this can vary depending how much each woman takes.
  • When will I see results from the Menopause tincture?
    Everyone is different. It is almost impossible for us to say when you will see results ; but the majority of the people who have tried our mixture and reported back state they feel initial improvement within the first 5 days of taking the product. Taking a lot of water and being hydrated appears to
  • If I have been told to avoid estrogen, are these products safe for me?
    A. I assume you have been told to avoid estrogen, due to a health condition. without knowing more, all I can say is, these products DO NOT CONTAIN ESTROGEN. I ALWAYS tell everyone to consult your doctor first because I always want my patients and customers to be safe and healthy. My first duty is to do no harm. With that being said, most of the patients I have instructed to talk to their physician come back with the ok to start the drops. I hope this answered your question. If you want to discuss more. feel free to respond with more detail.
  • Are these products safe?
    Herbs have been around for centuries and taken alone are very relatively safe. I always advise you to consult your physician or pharmacist prior to taking anything esp if you are pregnant. All the ingredients/ herbs we use to make our products come from thourouly vetted companies. The products are independently tested to ensure they meet our high quality standards.
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